What is a podcast?

"Podcasts are like radio - but better."
(imagine every radio programme ever made, in your pocket.)

The term podcast is a portmanteau of iPod and Broadcast and originates from the time when people downloaded non-music programmes to their iPods.

The dictionary says : "A podcast is a digital audio file made available on the Internet for downloading to a computer, or mobile device, typically available as a series, new installments of which can be received by subscribers automatically."

And perhaps a friendlier definition is that it’s : "all of your favorite blogs, shows, and topics (some you didn’t even know you’d enjoy!) wrapped up in a huge hub of recordings (Apple Podcasts, etc) that you can explore, download and listen to whenever you want. In the car, at work, at home, in the gym, anywhere. If you can Google it, there’s probably a Podcast about it! "

There are many additional user definitions in our FAQ that may give your some insight into just how popular and diverse podcasts are and what they mean to so many people around the world.

Where do I find podcasts?

iTunes is the go-to place for podcasts. Just as you've been searching and downloading music for years, podcasts are done pretty much the same way, with a very cool difference. You can subscribe to a podcast! Since they they use RSS feeds (you don't need to worry about the technical aspects)you're automatically notified when a new episode of your favourite podcasts is released.

How do I listen to a podcast?

You require a podcast player on your mobile device. If you're an iPhone user, good news! - you already have the world's most popular podcasts player, iTunes, on your phone. For Android users, you should head to the Google Play store and download the Google Podcast Player (it's new) or CastBox (or any of a multitude of players that may catch your eye depending on which features suit your personal listening habits. Here's a list of the top 10 most popular players.)

Podcasts can be streamed or, most popularly, downloaded for listening at your convenience. Podcasts make an excellent companion during your daily commute and turn previously unproductive time into a fun, informative or even educational endeavour.

Podcasts are popular, really popular!

Podcasts are popular! And the number of listeners is growing at an accelerating rate as more and more people take control of the programming they want to listen to. A podcast is like having every radio show you can imagine available on demand. Wow!

Almost one in three podcast listeners are engaged while driving, commuting, walking or working out. This time was previously reserved for conventional radio or music, but is now being harnessed as productive and learning time. And half of all podcast listeners listen at home - in place of something else they used to do. That's a seismic shift worth paying attention to.

Podcasts build trust

You're likely familiar with some version of this sales cycle :

Podcasts are really good at building trust. These are not short-form pithy adverts attempting to condense your entire offering into 30 seconds. No, podcasts are an opportunity to dive deep into your content in a meaningful way that your audience can really get their teeth into. They also provide fantastic opportunities to share case studies and research results in an interesting and engaging way and are listened to while traveling to and from work.

Should I have my own podcast?

Do you have a story to tell? A product or service to sell? Are there things people really should know about you that can't be effectively conveyed in a soundbite, Facebook or Twitter post? Then yes - you should make a podcast.

"Abundance creates scarcity."
(the may roses get harder to find amongst the thorns)

Perhaps the best way to start is to identify and summarise your key offerings and plan a short series (anything between 5 and 10 episodes) and make a package of it. These will contain interviews and discussions around those topics before moving on to the next key offering. These series then become a very effective part of your overall marketing plan as you refer clients to your iTunes channel for more information. And this information is easy to access. No reading required. They listen to you give the perfect pitch while they drive. Now that's effective.

How do I make a podcast?

We do all the heavy lifting for you. You focus on your core business and we will assist you to produce, record and publish your podcast, whether it's a once-off, a short series or (ultimately) a regular programme. We will guide you through the entire process including concepts, scripts, planning, hosting, voices, music and even iTunes publishing.

What next?

Start exploring and trying podcasts you may like. In addition to the ones listed here like EduThink and On Change (which are both Solid Gold Studio productions), I recommend Freakanomics Radio, Planet Money, This American Life, How I build This, No such thing as a fish,  and on and on and on it goes (there are so many you may like)

Once you've listened to a few and experienced this phenomenon for yourself, get in touch with us we can discuss what kind of podcast will enhance your message, personal brand or business.

Be found on iTunes

What boost will your credibility and marketing team get when you can can say to potential customers : "Find us on iTunes" or "Listen to us on Google Play."

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